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October 9th, 2012

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June 11th, 2011

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May 27th, 2011

Being scared of heights is known as acrophobia, and it”s one of the most common phobias in the world. Acrophobia is often associated with vertigo, which is the sensation of being dizzy or spinning when you shouldn”t be – lots of sufferers of acrophobia experience a sensation of vertigo while in high places, but you can experience vertigo without being in a high place, or without having acrophobia at all. Vertigo should be treated by trying to steady the patient”s sense of location – by actually making the sufferer lie down, it is possible that the vertigo will get even worse, as they will continue to feel disoriented because they will not have a steady sense of location. Instead, one should try to keep the patient steady while trying to remove potential triggers for vertigo, like, of course, the sensation of heights. Generally, this can be solved by encouraging the patient to close their eyes and find a wall or other similar barrier to support them, thus removing the visual and physical sensations of being in a high place.
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March 28th, 2011

Pharmacophobia is when a person is irrationally scared of medication. Obviously, it is a condition that can be very devastating to a sufferer because it can prevent them from receiving adequate medical treatment in their lifetime. However, this phobia is always developed, and is never based in instinctive or genetic conditions. Generally, being scared of medication is the result of having a negative experience with a drug, especially in the case of surprising side effects. In these cases, a doctor often did not properly inform a patient of side effects they may incur, and when negative incidents happened, the patient was unprepared and terrified at the effect of the medication. Additionally, effects caused by overdosing (either due to patient or doctor error) can create a fear of taking medication; as overdose reactions are often extremely severe, this can very easily create an association in the patient with those effects and medication in general. In fact, those who attempt to commit suicide by taking large quantities of medications (intending to die by Spin Tower- det nye nettcasinoet pa facebookMr Greens julekalender er tilbake med fokus pa norske automater og masse freespins!Pokerprofilen Ola Amundsgard utfordrer norske politikere ved a tilby 1 million kr til den som kan sla han!Betsafe fyller 7 ar og feirer med en utrolig kampanje som gar over 7 uker!Wingsuiting er det siste innen ekstremsport, og er na ogsa det siste innen sport stottet av Betsafe!Filmen Runner Runner – det siste for alle casino intereserte!Na har de gitt ut nok en spilleautomat som kommer til a bli meget popul?rRulett er for mange selve symbolet pa casinospill. overdose) are often extremely difficult to treat because they then refuse to take any antidepressants to try online casinos and help them with the basic psychological issues since they have associated medication with the extreme pain and physical effects of their suicide attempt. Finally, withdrawal from any sort of medication can often instill a generic fear of addiction or medication in general. This even includes people who have trouble not drinking products that contain caffeine Tips on things to look for and questions to ask when trying to find a driving record instructorIf the instructor is a trainee (Potential Driving Instructor/PDI), they must display their licence (pink triangle) on the windscreen of his/her tuition vehicle at all times when giving driving record tuition in exchange for payment. for an extended period of time.

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Enclosed Spaces

March 28th, 2011

One of the most famous things people are scared of is being scared of tightly enclosed spaces, or claustrophobia. Generally, claustrophobics will fear specifically either being restricted in an area, or fear that the area is so small that they risk suffocating if they stay in the area. Although it might not seem intuitive, this first fear of being restricted is more damaging than the second. This is because a person who fears being restricted can feel this fear at almost any time. For example, sitting in a car, even as a convertible, with the top off and windows open may trigger a panic attack because the sufferer knows they have to stay in that seat for a long time. Similar incidents can even happen in well ventilated restaurants, barber”s shops, or long lines. Those who suffer from a fear of suffocation only generally do so if they perceive the room is very small or poorly ventilated, such as the classic example of an elevator (which is also a restricting space, meaning both types of claustrophobics may suffer in an elevator).

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March 27th, 2011

Being scared of flying is known as aerophobia. This specifically refers to people who have some sort of fear of being on a flying vehicle (normally aeroplanes, but it is possible to have a phobia of flying on vehicles like helicopters as well). This phobia is interesting because often it is the result of several other phobias, such as a fear of heights, a fear of enclosed spaces, or a fear of not being in control. As these phobias are generally reactive, instinctive phobias, this form of aerophobia is itself instinctive, and manifests with sensations of dizziness, vomiting, or panic attacks. However, it is also believed that some forms of aerophobia are developed in nature; the sufferer is not automatically scared of flying due to other reactive fears, but develops it over their lifetime. This manifests itself psychologically, through extreme discomfort or anxiety; if severe enough, this condition can also lead to panic attacks.

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March 27th, 2011

Being scared of clowns, a condition known as “coulrophobia,” seems like a very unusual fear, at least from a hypothetical standpoint. While it may seem unusual, especially considering the “innocent” and “fun” nature of a stereotypical clown, this phobia has actually become fairly common recently; the first use of the term “coulrophobia” is from the 1980s. This shows how this particular fear either has not existed for a very long time or has not led to noticeable changes in behaviour in those suffering from the phobia. This is likely primarily because the current, modern idea of clowns is far more pervasive in culture than clowns or other entertainers were in older cultures. As a result, clowns have only recently become common enough to be considered a “phobia” now that clowns are common in the world.

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March 23rd, 2011

Being scared of Vomit itself, or being afraid of throwing up is a very common fear. Different people will experience it in different ways, and it will have different effects from person to person, but Emetophobia is always related in some way to actual vomit or to throwing up. Having a fear of throwing up can have a massive impact on a sufferer”s life, so trying to find a way to treat the phobia is important.

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March 21st, 2011

As strange as it may sound to some people, being scared of women (and indeed also being scared of men) is actually quite common.

Gynophobia (also spelled as gynephobia) is an abnormal fear of women. In addition to using gynophobia to describe being scared of women, the word caligynephobia is also coined to mean the fear of beautiful women.

Often this fear of women is linked to a more general phobia, such as a fear of social interaction or being scared of rejection. It is quite common that the more general fear causes the initial anxiety that occurs, and then the brain will link the two together, so that in future situations, the sight of a woman will trigger the same reaction.

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March 20th, 2011

Thanatophobia or being scared of dying is common to all but we generally avoid admitting it. However when this fear increases abnormally then it becomes a phobia and starts effecting the life of the sufferer.

Hypnotherapy can treat Thanatophobia as the fear of death most commonly develops from a childhood fear. When a traumatic incident is witnessed in the childhood or experienced when young remains in the sub conscious and develops as a phobia.

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